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Juan Jose Maria


NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS (UNA): Transdepartmental Area of Multimedia Arts

Causa Chair


Emiliano Causa

Head of practical work

Juan Jose Maria Tirigall

Study program adjusted to the minimum contents

Unit I: The Interface

Physical and virtual interfaces, Types of physical interfaces, Discrete and continuous interfaces. Interface and metaphor. Means of representation and recruitment. Types of metaphor and levels of interaction: environment, object, character. Tour or navigation, edition, construction, dialogue.

Unit II: The body and interactivity

The body as an interface: shadow, silhouette, motion capture, avatar interface. Usability in the physical field. Biosensors, BCI (Brain Computer Interface).

Unit III: Mixed Realities and Virtual Environments

Reality-Virtuality Continuum: Virtual Reality, Augmented Virtuality and Augmented Reality. Tangible interfaces. Data Visualization with Physical Interfaces, Ambient Devices, Ubiquitous Computing.

Unit IV: Generative and complex systems

Intelligence and Artificial Life. Adaptive and evolutionary systems. Generative systems, Complexity theory, Chaos theory, Fractals. Physical interfaces linked to natural chaotic processes.