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Juan Jose Maria

Deus Ex Machina: Resurrexit a Mortuis

Digital Art * Electronic Art * Generative Art * Interactive Art * Interactive Installation * Videomapping

Software: Arduino, Processing.
Hardware: PC, Arduino, pulse sensor, Arduino board, projector.
Materials: Canvas, mannequin.

Project carried out within the framework of the Interactive V 2009 program.
Workshop of Reflection, Formulation and Production of Technological Works.
Delivered by: Rodrigo Alonso and Mariano Sardon.
Espacio Fundacion Telefonica


The installation consists of a structure that simulates containing a recumbent body covered with cloth. The body has a hole, at the height of what would be the rib, where the index finger can be inserted to interact. This hole contains a pulse sensor made by me. Through the pulse sensor, the system obtains the information on the user’s heart rate and translates it by varying the generated images.

On the object that simulates the body there is a projector and a camera that is used as a sensor. The projector projects an image of a nude self-portrait, performing a videomapping on the canvas.

The user, when interacting with the heart rate monitor, varies the respiratory rhythm of the videomapping with the self-portrait. The act of inhaling and exhaling the video is played to the rhythm of the user’s heartbeat, when there are no pulses the video shows no breathing, without interaction the image remains dead.

On the other hand, when passing the hands over the fabric that contains the body, the system, through computer vision algorithms (OpenCV) using the webcam, detects the hands. A videomapping is performed on the hands projecting color gradients on them, in contrast to the dark shadow generated by the occlusion of the light from the projector when said hands pass.

In addition to the commented installation, the work is presented with a 3D generated video with poetic texts and the simulation of the installation so that the user understands the interactivity.

Juan Jose Maria Tirigall

Video generated in 3D that is presented together with the interactive installation

Sensor development process for capturing cardiac pulses