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Juan Jose Maria

Social Substrates (Systemic-Mechanistic): Concrete Mixer and Hopper

3D Animation * Electronic Art * Sculpture * Installation * Data Visualization
150cm x 70cm x 170cm

Software: Arduino.
Hardware: Arduino, DC motor, Arduino.
Materials: Acrylic, plastic balls.


The hopper inside contains black and brown plastic spheres.
The concrete mixer inside contains white plastic spheres.
The discharge of the hopper works with a gate (electromechanical system) controlled by a servomotor.
The opening frequency is programmed with the Arduino that controls the servomotor. That frequency of opening the hopper depends on the number of immigrants from Latin American countries who have arrived in the country between the last and the penultimate census. That is, every certain amount of time given by the census data, the hopper drops black and brown balls into the concrete mixer that has white balls.

The pedestal contains two screens, one shows the data and the other a 3D animation with the simulation of the work.