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Juan Jose Maria

Tautological Deconstruction: Yellow Light

Electronic Art * Installation * Object

Intervention of the façade of the cultural space La Sin Futuro.

Concrete mixer, debris from La Sin Futuro, yellow danger tape.


This installation is an intervention on the façade of La Sin Futuro with yellow caution tape, a yellow concrete mixer and a yellow light.


A century after the publication of L’Arte dei Rumori, which proposes perceiving the noise of the machine as a trigger for artistic production, Futurissima places a present looking at that past formulated as the future.
Re/Des/De/Cons-truccion, will be the actions proposed around the use of an ephemeral space, in a hic et nunc (here and now) that is expressed through interactive installations, physical interfaces, performance interventions, visuals and sounds that invade this space of resistance, awaiting its final demolition.
The future is not what they paint it. Will it be as scheduled?
Link to the Futurissima event in La Sin Futuro


I appropriate the yellow color used by the government of the City of Buenos Aires, intervening with yellow delimiting tapes with the inscription danger, in front of the facade of the building that will be demolished. A yellow concrete mixer (cement mixer) loaded with Sin Future’s own rubble is presented as a readymade, generating commemorative sounds to the L’Arte dei Rumori manifesto. The installation is marked by a yellow light that dyes the space in that color.