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Juan Jose Maria

The Survival of the Heroic Pathos

Electronic Art * Interactive Art * Game Art * Interactive Installation * Videogame * Videomapping * History of Art

Software: GNU/Linux, openFrameworks
Hardware: PC, Kinect v2, projector.

Work developed within the framework of the research project -From Mnemosyne to Blade Runner-. Benjaminian dialectical images and the meaning of contemporary art.
Director: Irma Sousa
Co-director: Juan Jose Maria Tirigall

UNA-Universidad Nacional de las Artes-Departamento de Artes Visuales Prilidiano Pueyrredon

Juan Jose Maria Tirigall
Juan Jose Maria Tirigall

-One of the pathosformeln considered by Aby Warburg, is the figure of the hero, defined as the passion that mobilizes the hero or heroine who suffers and perseveres, who fights for their ideals, overcoming obstacles, triumphs or dies in combat. The passage of ancient heroes, beyond their transformations, from myth to history and from history to comics, accounts for their survival. In the present, the heroes have entered through the cultural industry and technology, in the world of fiction, with multiple images that expressively embody the tensions of pathos. The constellations of contemporary heroes move through the fictional airspace and also through the virtual space of video games and game arts, surpassing the limit of the physical.

Lic. Irma Sousa

-The Survival of the Heroic Pathos- is an interactive game art installation made using mixed reality techniques with projection mapping and computer vision. On white frames mounted on the wall of the room, images are projected, taken from the database created during research, of the hero’s pathosformeln corresponding to different historical periods. The user can interact with the work by adopting said pathosformel, which is registered by the computer vision system, and then continue interacting in real time with the virtual images and the physical frames. In this way, the images are placed on the wall, generating a certain analogy or citation to the Atlas Mnemosyne by Aby Warburg.